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Kaş is a pretty fishing and market town steeped in ancient history and oozing contemporary Turkish ambience. Since the early 1960s it has established itself as the vacation destination of choice for artists, writers and bright young things from Istanbul and Ankara. Many have become permanent residents, so the town has retained its authentic Turkish flavour despite the arrival in recent years of international visitors and settlers. The airport transfer times are just far enough to deter the package hordes.

In Kaş you can mix culture, relaxation and activity in whatever proportion suits your mood, because Kaş has it all: history, natural beauty, eating, nightlife, shopping, local colour, and plenty of adventure and outdoor pursuits. And virtually uninterrupted sunshine from mid-May to mid-October!

You can shop for silver jewellery, ceramics, spices and Turkish curios in narrow streets and secret squares bedecked with bougainvillea. Or tramp through mountain passes to the spooky remains of deserted ancient cities.

The town is mentioned in Homer, Strabo, Herodotus and Pliny, and was known in antiquity as Antiphellos. Ancient remains are haphazardly strewn in the olive groves and embedded in the present-day streets and market place.

A well-preserved Greek amphitheatre, uniquely sea-facing, is still used by the local populace for cultural events. On the main shopping street local salesmen lounge in the niches of the ancient Lycian Lion tomb, gesturing passers-by to view their carpets, antiques and jewellery.

There is three thousand years of history to immerse yourself in: from Lycian to Ottoman eras calling at Byzantine on the way.

Alternatively, submerge yourself in the crystal-blue underwater with barracuda, turtles, and grouper, as you experience the best scuba diving in the Med.

Or survey the harbour, town and ocean below as you paraglide down from the mountains 2000m above.

If culture and adventure hold few charms, gaze up from your sunlounger at the crags and clear blue sky above as you nurture your tan.

When evening falls, sample the local restaurants for fresh authentic Turkish cuisine bursting with flavour. Later, sway to the rhythm of the jasmine-scented Kas night in a funky little dance-bar.

For a supremely relaxing and stimulating holiday in a restorative climate, Kas is hard to beat. And when you experience the friendliness and hospitality of the local Turks, you will wonder why you didn't come sooner!



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